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General Stuff

  • Underline more Wikipedia article Credit_rating_agency: "Credit Rating Agencies have made errors of judgment in rating structured products, particularly in assigning AAA ratings to structured debt, which in a large number of cases has subsequently been downgraded or defaulted."
  • Connect Wikirating directly to trading platforms
  • Add a "Suggest Content" Link (Example: MarktesWiki - Suggest Content)
  • Social Media Optimization

Editability and Usability

  • Semantic feature: possibility to propagate any modification within a table to entire Wikirating (not needed at the moment)
  • Post function to allow users to easily submit data modification. The end users are not allowed to directly modify any data within the table, they should submit instead their post. The final modification is performed by the Wikirating team. A submit button should be available from each page. The post should be sent to a pre-defined email address (with the page in the header), also queued and visible at the bottom of the Wikirating page for everyone (Format: "user <ABC> posted <...> for <country> on <date>"), so as everyone can see the pending post submitted.

Rating Methods

  • For CWI
    • Distinguish between different industrial sectors/branches
  • General
    • Possibility to choose different rating methods
    • Individual set-up possibility per criteria within a rating method
    • Possibility of activating/deactivating each criteria within a rating method
    • Graphically visualise the completness of criteria for the case a country can not be rated (e.g. in List_of_countries_by_credit_rating_(SWI))
    • Add an additional column with an estimated credit rating (beside the "official" credit rating)


Business Plan

Design & Usability

  • Create favicon/iPhone-icon for Wikirating Forum website
  • Create "How To Use Wikirating" Video (Examples: [1], [2])
  • Create banner/sticker "Rated by Wikirating" (or similiar)
  • Good example of a Wiki:

General Stuff


Impressions and Ideas after the Go-live

  • Frogli 20:55, 14 January 2012 (CET): I think to improve the output it would be better to use the IPSATIVE approach.

=> see the Forum

  • Mundolandia 18:46, 29 January 2012: Just keep in WIKIRATING propose that the choice of platform or platform built translator in Spanish to all persons who do not have a good knowledge of English can understand, communicate and so participate.

=> see the Forum

Impressions and Ideas during Beta-Test Phase

--Dorian 07:57, 27 November 2010 (CET)

  • Explain all legends, i.e. what do the colors exactly mean, what are good what bad values?
  • Explain and link (to Wikipedia) abbreviations, concepts and criteria
  • Use identical items (e.g. Value = Points)
  • Explain Credit rating table
  • Explain how to read/understand the values within the SWI table

--Kotek 07:57, 27 November 2010 (CET)

  • It took me some time (about 50 min.) to understand, how to navigate to all the features of the page and get a grasp of how SWI works.
  • I don't konw the CIA methods of calculating public debts, but if they are based on the countries own accounting methods, than there may be some big differences. E.g. according to Poland's accounting methods, the Public debt ist less than 55%, according to the EU methods, it's about 60%.

--Tester22 10:27, 2 December 2010 (CET)

  • I spent a little time looking through the site and I'll admit that I'm impressed by your ambitious undertaking. I'd say your biggest challenge is getting quality content. I think a lot of the individuals who could potentially contribute would probably view their knowledge/information as a competitive advantage and may not be willing to share it broadly. I know we have our own proprietary internal rating process as well as an established client review process which occurs at regular intervals. Anyone disclosing that information would probably terminated immediately if it was discovered that information was disclosed. I'd say your other challenge would be filtering and scrutinizing the information that was published as it could be an attempt to sway markets.

    What would be an interesting idea is if you develop and patent your own risk rating process the you could offer to your subscribers as a service. Not sure how realistic that is, but it seems like your reaching out to some academics who might be able to help. I could recommend a book which I read when I first started in this role that I found helpful: "Measuring and Managing Credit Risk" by Arnaud De Servigny (director at S&P) and Oliver Renault (also of S&P)(already ordered) this might give you some ideas.

    The site could use a little bit of polish specifically in terms of how things are phrased but that's secondary to the real content. There's also books out there about how to generate traffic to your site which might also help generate some content. Anyway, those are my first impressions, you've probably already thought through some of these things already and I'm not really adding any value. Hopefully I was able to help in someway and didn't discourage you, I could tell you put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into this already. You should feel very good about that.

--Tester24 06:28, 11 January 2011 (CET)

Nun, ich habe noch vor der Weihnachtszeit mir einen Eindruck auf der Homepage geholt (unterdessen funktioniert mein Account nicht mehr), und ich darf sagen, dass mich der Gesamteindruck sehr überzeugte. Ich finde das Projekt wirklich innovativ und denke, dass dies ein Erfolg werden kann.

  • Website: Die Homepage wirkt sauber, strukturiert und alles unnötige wurde weggelassen.
  • Daten(Länder): Die Daten sind übersichtlich dargestellt. Interessant wäre es, wenn man die jeweiligen Informationen gerade als Excel etc gerade herunterladen könnte.
  • Ratingmethodology (Länder): Mir war überhaupt nichts über die Ratingmethodology von Ländern bekannt. Interessant wäre, wenn man noch einen Ratingrechner hätte, wo man die Gewichtungen verändern könnte.(Zukunftsmusik?)
  • Weiter habe ich mich gefragt, wie man hier weitere Modelle hinzufügt, verwaltet, etc.
  • Userrating: Wie funktioniert dies genau? Wie lange zählt ein Userrating? (evtl. steht das dort, aber ich mag mich nicht mehr erinnern).
  • Daten(Company): Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass dies hier etwas komplizierter werden kann. Natürlich sind ja alle Daten der börsenquotierten Unternehmen zugänglich, aber durch globalisierte Unternehmen kann die genaue Länderstruktur, Firmenaufbau, historische Entwicklung, etc. auch sehr interessant sein.

Generell wäre es auch interessant, noch die "offiziellen" Ratings (also Moody, S&P, etc.) zu verlinken - das würde auch noch interessant zum Vergleich sein, resp, wenn man diese sogar auch noch zusätzlich raten kann.

--Tester15 16:32, 6 January 2011 (CET)