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Users can be assigned into different groups and these groups can be given different rights. User rights allow things such as viewing the site, creating new accounts, deleting pages and so on. This page explains the default user groups and the rights they have. You can also see the special page Special:ListGroupRights for an automatically-generated list of user groups and their respective rights.

Anonymous users

Anonymous users can:

Registered users

Normal registered users can:

  • Read the wiki
  • Create accounts
  • Create threads at the discussion board
  • Create content and talk pages
  • Edit the wiki
  • Mark edits as minor
  • Upload media

Autoconfirmed users

By default, autoconfirmed users (users, whose accounts are older than 1 hour) can edit/create/move pages in addition to the normal user rights registered users get.


Not activated at the moment


Administrators, alternatively admins or sysops can:

  • Block harmful / disrupting users
  • Delete pages, even large ones
  • Import pages by using Special:Import, either from another wiki or from a file
  • Mass delete pages by using Special:Nuke
  • Merge articles' histories
  • Protect pages
  • Patrol edits, if recent changes patrolling has been turned on
  • Rollback bad edits
  • View previously deleted pages and media
  • View the list of unwatched pages

Forum administrators

Forum administrators can:

  • Create/delete forum categories


Wikirating staff can:

  • Configure the Social Profile options


Bureaucrats can:

  • Grant and revoke some user rights to users through Special:UserRights
  • Check users' IP addresses
  • Check a user's preferences
  • Configure the wiki's settings
  • Lock the wiki database