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Awards and gifts

  • Related to UserGifts a.k.a user-to-user gifting functionality:
    • Special:GiveGift — a special page that allows you to give a gift to another wiki user.
    • Special:ViewGifts — a special page for viewing all your own gifts.
    • Special:GiftManager — allows to add, remove and modify gifts. Restricted to users with the giftadmin right or all logged-in users if $wgMaxCustomUserGiftCount is set.
    • Special:GiftManagerLogo — allows to upload new gift images, restricted to users with the giftadmin right.
    • Special:RemoveMasterGift — allows to remove a gift completely, restricted to users with giftadmin right.
    • Special:RemoveGift — allows an individual user to remove a gift given to him/her.

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