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posted 2804 days ago

Hi Johann, perfect! I will try to test the Encog framework - unfortunately I can do this only at the weekend. Regarding your question: Where is this formula written?

posted 2806 days ago

Hi Johann, great effort you already made on the SWI site! Are you a mathematician, too? I never heared so far about the Encog Framework... would you have time to build up an advanced SWI? I would propose to introduce this as a new rating method. We can of course name it different... any ideas?

posted 2807 days ago

Hi, thank you for the proposal! That is a reasonable and good idea to exchange some indexes with more modern ones. Maybe you want to take this topic and develop an "Extended SWI" or "SWI 2.0"? Please let me know. All the best

posted 2807 days ago


We want to thank you very much for your interest! Please feel free, to participate at Wikirating. Here you have the most important links:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions!