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Personal information
Real name
Guenter Koch
Freiburg i.Br.,

- General Secretary of The New Club of Paris - Partner in the cosultancy ptnerships execupery and km-a


Places I have lived
Freiburg i.Br., Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany Bilbao, Spain Geneva and Basel, Switzerland Vienna, Austria (currently)

Master in Computer Science Uiversity of KarlsruheGuest Professorships a different uiversities
About me
Günter Koch as a professor is guest at Technical Universities in specific in Austria and at the “Danube University”, and permanent Adjunct Professor in Informatics at the IICM-Institute of the Technical University of Graz. He works as a consultant to governments, banks, industries, in specific software dependant or software producing industries. In his role as software engineering management expert he is also active as a member of the board of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI) since a decade.

Professor Koch unites several and even divergent qualifications in his person: entrepreneur, manager and scientist. His last appointment as a manager of a big organisation was until the 1st half of the 1st decade as the CEO of the Austrian Research Centers (ARC), Seibersdorf, today called Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) , Austria’s largest applied research organisation, employing some 1200 people in many different disciplines, including material sciences, life sciences, information technologies, system research, medical technology, energy and environment etc. In his role as CEO in cooperation with a colleague from Graz University he developed the now widely used model ad method of an Intellectual Capital Report (ICR). This model served as the basis for even a law after which all Austrian universities must report their annual progress in respect to the development of their “intellectual capital”. His first appointment in Austria was in the early 90ies, when he was invited to become a guest professor in systems analysis and systems architectures at the computer science faculty of Graz Technical University. During this period he was also a member of the university board of the Sévenan branch of the French University of Compiègne. From 1993 to1997 he was the Founding and General Director of the European Software Institute (ESI) in Bilbao, Spain, at its time a most prominent foundation by the European industry and the European Commission, which later served as the model case for the European Institute of Technology (EIT) with its head office in Budapest. In 1997 he joined SUN Microsystems in their Geneva offices as a chief consultant in Software Engineering and Management.

After having been assistant professor at Karlsruhe University’s computer science faculty from on 1975, he became the founder managing director of a systems company specializing first in medical informatics in 1981 and later in automation and in software technology. He served in this function until 1993. In an extra appointment he was initiating and heading a Technology Center in the city of Freiburg / Germany. Günter Koch today lives in Vienna and acts as the Vice President of the Austrian Association for Research in IT and works (part time) as General Secretary of ‘The New Club of Paris’. He is a member of the Board of the Fraunhofer Institute FIRST in Berlin, and he is affiliated with the Vienna-based Knowledge Management Associates/ Academy / Association (KM-A ) and its cooperation partner , where he can also be contacted. An extensive CV can be found via in Wikipedia :

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