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posted 2992 days ago
  • I'm not a mathematican, but an engineer. Still think there is a little flaw in the formula. Is "nAB" really the number of countries (dim(v))? If so, I might not understand the formula fully. I guess it should be the average of something.
  • I've now finished the article about how to use Encog. Try it with some example data and let me know what you think about.
posted 2995 days ago

I wrote the article about the HSDI on the german wikipedia and drew the according map. Not sure how i get this data into the wikirating database.

As for the GPI/ISEW: there are currently only 9 countries having a ISEW rating (Austria, Chile, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden); only (USA, Australia) two having a GPI rating - the data is available from the FOE homepage. I don't think that that is enough, but it should be considered in the future when more data is available.

I also thought on tweaking your formula a bit. According to The Wisdom of Crowds from James Surowiecki, the data from the user ratings should be more precise. So we might be able to train a neural network that optimizes the weights on the social-economic indicators, so that we get more matching results for the "SWI 2.0". We can use the Encog-Framework for doing so, but we need to bring the data in a fitting .csv-format. one column for every indicator and one column that represents the polling results.

posted 2996 days ago

Hello Dorian, just thinking that you should add more modern indexes for the SWI ratings.

Specially the Human Sustainable Development Index (HSDI) instead of the older Human Development Index (HDI) and the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) instead of the old Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

posted 3256 days ago

Thanks "DORIAN ", I have no interest in changing the system to anyone, just trying to work with any comments. All this is like a hobby for me, while I work, I always record for others to follow me and have more options to express themselves online, and discover new systems and friends. Best Regards- Daniel - Argentina

posted 3265 days ago

Hi Dorian, on the corporate poll widget, it says "Your poll should consider your opinion about the country's credit rating" ==> corporation's

posted 3274 days ago

Por cierto, me encanta esta idea. Creo que esto era necesario para que las calificaciones no sean interesadas.

posted 3275 days ago

Sorry, must have been in error

posted 3275 days ago

Hello Dorian,

I hope that this commitment is freee, which is not conditioned by any of the rating agencies that exist and of course if this is true, that the project work to see if once and for all cease to be in the hands of regular small group of speculators.

Good luck jgarciaa

Note: sorry for my english, I hope to improve it.

posted 3279 days ago

Kudos. This is a brilliant project. I've been pushing for something like this in financial blogs for a while now. some kind of intrade predictive market to replace the asymmetric info credit agency ratings with an open and more granular notation. I think your model is a great start and your crowd-sourced version is an elegant solution. kudos!

questions: are you not afraid speculators will game the ratings by flooding them? the math question should be non-machine-readable image fonts at least. But I would strongly suggest factoring-in a predictive market like intrade. that way people put their money where their mouth is.

you are going to clean up the otc markets forever.

good job.

posted 3313 days ago

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