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In a Nutshell
What is Wikirating?

Wikirating is an online community credit rating platform. It provides a transparent source of credit rating information, which is reviewed by a worldwide community... [read more]

Motivation and mission

Over the last few years, banks, companies and countries have based their risk and credit estimations on overrated assessments provided by a few major, well-established rating agencies. Wikirating's mission is to provide independent and transparent data for credit ratings... [read more]

How does it work?

Everybody can participate, either anonymously (with restricted edit rights) or by creating an account. All information has to be strictly referenced by at least one reliable source, similar to Wikipedia. In contrast to other wikis, Wikirating rewards the community... [read more]

How can you help?

Beside generally active users, Wikirating needs volunteers who want to do more (for example for credit rating topics, software architecture, PHP developement, ...). Feel free to contact us directly if you're interested in taking on responsibility (for a project). Note: You do not have to be an expert, though it certainly is a plus.

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