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{{ Country (header)
| rating = {{#var:Rtg}}
| rating_val = {{#var:RtgVal}}
| rating_outl = {{#var:RtgOutl}}
| rating_date = {{#var:RtgDate}}
| gdp = 369.4
| gdp_date =  (2012 est.)
| gdp_ref = <ref name=gdpppp>GDP = [[Wikipedia:Gross Domestic Product|Gross Domestic Product]], PPP = [[Wikipedia:Purchasing Power Parity|Purchasing Power Parity]]</ref><ref name=sourcegdppp>See [[Data_(countries)#Basic_facts]], 2013</ref>
| gdp_pc = 46,200
| gdp_pc_date = (2012 est.)
| gdp_pc_ref = <ref name=gdpppp></ref><ref name=sourcegdppp></ref>
| curr = CHF
| flag_size = 150px
| 0
| rating_method=[[Rating Method Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI)|According to SWI method]]
| missing_scalfact = <ref>For {{FULLPAGENAME}} the [[Rating Method Sovereign Wikirating Index (SWI)|scaling factor]] was calculated without the CPI.</ref>