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Interested to build up this rating method? Do not hesitate to contact us.

This project has started by Yoshi. Feel free to help him to build up the rating method CWI. Every input is welcome.

Possible criteria for the CWI

Equity-to-fixed-assets ratio

Equity-to-fixed-assets ratio, Shareholder Equity Ratio or fixed asset-to-equity capital ratio (inverse)


Equity-to-fixed-assets ratio (EFA ratio) is used to help determine how much shareholders would receive in case of a company -wide liquidation. The ratio is calculated by dividing equity capital by fixed assets of the firm, and it represents the amount of assets on which shareholders have a equity claim (also called a residual claim, a claim to a share of earnings after debt obligation have been satisfied). The figures used to calculate the ratio are taken from the company's balance sheet.


Scaling factor