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Note: The poll rating method is not used any more - it was active between Oct. 2011 and Nov. 2014

Last update: Mar. 2013 - Credit rating table

Between 27th October 2011 and 8th April 2012 all 198 countries received 7,303 unique votes.


The polling method considers all polls of the community.

Smartphone App

The poll method for countries was also available as WikiratingPoll App for the iPhone (until 2014):

Available on the App Store Badge US-UK.png


All values are simply averaged. The user polls for all countries (7,303 unique votes between 27/09/2011 and 08/04/2012) can be downloaded as csv file: credit_rating_poll_countries_20110927-20120408.csv

Countries with a credit rating evolution diagram:


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