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Wikirating offers a set of social tools. These tools add social, forum-like features into your wiki, such as avatars, social user profiles, per-user discussion boards, friending and foeing.

How do I use these tools?

An example of a social userpage, complete with user discussion board and information about the user.

Using the social tools is easy and fun! By going into your userpage, you'll see what the new social profiles look like. The profile page has a lot of links that will get you started with the social tools in no time!

  • Clicking on Upload Avatar takes you the special page Special:UploadAvatar, where you can upload your own avatar (a small photo representing yourself).
  • Edit Profile link takes you to Special:UpdateProfile, a special page where you can update your publically displayed info, such as your location, interests, hobbies etc.
  • Wiki userpage takes you to your "normal" userpage, usually prefixed with UserWiki: instead of User:, as your social userpage is prefixed with User:. That is, if your username is John Smith, your social userpage would be at User:John Smith and your normally editable userpage would be at UserWiki:John Smith.
  • Clicking on Use wiki userpage (or alternatively, Use social userpage) switches the type of your userpage between the social and normal one.

When other users view your social userpage, they can choose to become your friend or foe, send you a message, view your contributions and normal wiki userpage. By clicking the Send a message link, you can send a discussion board message to the user. With the discussion board, you can select the message type from the two options: public or private. Public discussion board messages will display on the user's social profile to everyone, while private ones can only be viewed by the user whom the message was sent to.

Your user level and your points are displayed on your userpage to everyone. The list users with the most points can be viewed here:

At Wikirating there are also two other extensions installed which allow to check the number of total edits:


If you notice a user abusing the social tools, please contact a Wikirating staff member. You can view the list of the wiki's staff members at Special:ListUsers/staff.

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