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Your level can be seen on your profile, next to your user name.

The Wikirating experience is only as good as the community makes it. In order to recognize users that spend a great deal of their time collaborating with other users, an automated point and level system is implemented[1], which also provides a basis for the Wikirating reward program. Each time you hit the next level, pat yourself on the back and wear your new title with pride! It's a signal to other users that you are making Wikirating the ultimate community for credit ratings. Check out the tables below to see how the new points and level system works and how points are getting distributed (automatically).

How it works

Every time you reach the next user level, it will appear on your profile page.

Warning: If a community member trys to "push" his contributions in an "unfair way" (for example by making many small nonsense edits), he/she can be suspended from the Wikirating reward program - all other community members judge this (in case of doubt, the Wikirating staff).

Point values (automatically distributed)

What to do Points you'll get
Signing up 1,000
Adding your first avatar 500
Editing a page in the main namespace 50
Adding a friend 250
Giving a gift 100
Receiving a gift 100

Contributor levels

Points needed Rank
0 Newcomer
1,200 Beginner
1,750 Trainee
2,500 Contributor
5,000 Advanced Contributor
10,000 Senior Contributor
20,000 Executive Contributor
35,000 Member
50,000 Advanced Member
75,000 Senior Member
100,000 Executive Member
150,000 Expert
250,000 Advanced Expert
350,000 Senior Expert
500,000 Executive Expert
650,000 Board Member
800,000 Senior Board Member
1,000,000 Executive Board Member