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The founder of Wikirating give the community the guarantee, that if Wikirating becomes profitable, it will reward the contributors as well - depending on their "activities" on Wikirating.

Key points and rewarding rules (not finalized)

  • The Wikirating community reward program is based on a points system, which is mainly based on the amount of edits
  • Not each contribution will transform into points
  • Only registered users can quest to receive rewards for their contribution
  • A part of Wikirating's earning will be distributed yearly (first time after Wikirating makes a profit) to all active (i.e. registered and identified) community members
  • Members who will collect credits can either choose to receive their reward into a monetary form, or to donate their reward to one or more charity organisations supported by Wikirating (to be defined)
  • Further terms may apply later with comprehension of all registered community members (for example special point contribution for the "user of the week/month/year", etc.)
  • Remember: like every MediaWiki wiki, all edit activities are historized and can be retraced

Warning: If a community member tries to "push" his/her contributions in an "unfair way" (for example by making many small nonsense edits), he can be suspended from the Wikirating reward program - all other community members judge this (in case of doubt the Wikirating staff)

Please have a look at the points and levels system used on Wikiraitng

Where can one see the amount of edits made by an user?

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to discuss them on the forum.

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