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Note: The poll rating method is not used any more - it was active between Oct. 2011 and Nov. 2014
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In order to vote for credit rating values, every user has to register at Wikirating:

After that, one has for every country/corporation one vote.

Basic principles

  • Your poll should consider your opinion about the country's/corporation's credit rating - see also credit rating table for more details.
  • The credit rating value is intended to represent a mid time period (within 3 years from today)
  • You always can reconsider your poll for every country/corporation.

How does it work?

Simply move the mouse over the dark grey bar and set the credit rating value by clicking the mouse button. You can always correct your value - see picture sample:

Ratingbar demo v02.png

What can be evaluated?

On Wikirating one can vote for countries and corporations:

Smartphone App

The polling method is also available as WikiratingPoll App for the iPhone:

Available on the App Store Badge US-UK.png


Please see the FAQ.