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How do I link to a thread?

You can use the syntax [[Special:WikiForum/Thread title]] to link to a thread.

How can I search the "Discussion Board"?

Forum pages have a search box. By entering a search term here, you can search all available forum threads for the given term. Do note that because the "Discussion Board" is a special page, Special:Search cannot be used to search it.

Can I embed a forum thread on a wiki page?

Yes! You can do this with the <WikiForumThread> parser hook. You will need to know the thread ID number, which can be seen on the right side of the first post in the thread. Once you have it, embedding a thread with this parser hook is easy as pie:

<WikiForumThread id=5 />

If you want to show replies to the thread, add the replies parameter:

<WikiForumThread id=5 replies=true />

How can I show a list of the most recent forum threads?

You can do this with the <WikiForumList> tag. By default it shows the 5 most recent forum threads; to change this, supply the num parameter:

<WikiForumList num=10>

Who has administrative permissions to the "Discussion Board"?

"Discussion Board" administrators have administrative access to the "Discussion Board". They can create, edit and delete categories and forums, but also threads and individual replies.

For the technically oriented: there are two separate permissions, wikiforum-admin (which allows only creating, editing and deleting categories and forums) and wikiforum-moderator (which is required for the other administrative operations). By default the above-mentioned group has both of these permissions.

How can I create new forums and categories?

Only "Discussion Board" administrators can create new categories, whereas forums can be created by administrators. It is also possible to make an announcement-only forum, which is a forum where only administrators and "Discussion Board" administrators can post.