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A crypto rating evaluates the 'credit worthiness' of a digital asset (usually cryptocurrencies[1] or cryptotokens[2]), mostly issued by a business enterprise. It is an evaluation made by a crypto rating agency of the digital asset likelihood of failure. Crypto ratings are determined by 'crypto ratings agencies'. Up to now, 'crypto ratings' are not congruent to ordinary 'credit ratings' which are based on probability of defaults[3].

Description Value (pts.) Wikirating Baserank[4] Weiss Crypto Ratings[5]
mid-term mid-term mid-term
AAA Prime A cryptoasset has EXTREMELY STRONG capacity to meet its commitments. 95 to 100 AAA b95 A+
AA+ High grade A cryptoasset has VERY STRONG capacity to meet its commitments. It differs from the highest rated assets only in small degree. 90 to less than 95 AA+ b90 B+
AA 85 to less than 90 AA b85 B
AA- 80 to less than 85 AA- b80 B-
A+ Upper Medium grade A cryptoasset has STRONG capacity to meet its commitments but is somewhat more susceptible to the adverse effects of changes in circumstances and economic conditions than cryptoassets in higher-rated categories. 75 to less than 80 A+ b75 C+
A 70 to less than 75 A b70
A- 65 to less than 70 A- b65 C
BBB+ Lower Medium grade A cryptoasset has ADEQUATE capacity to meet its commitments. However, changing circumstances are more likely to lead to a weakened capacity of the cryptoasset to meet its commitments. 60 to less than 65 BBB+ b60
BBB 55 to less than 60 BBB b55 C-
BBB- 50 to less than 55 BBB- b50
BB+ Non Investmentgrade A cryptoasset is LESS VULNERABLE in the near term than other lower-rated cryptoassets. However, it faces major ongoing uncertainties and exposure to adverse business, financial, or economic conditions which could lead to the cryptoasset's inadequate capacity to meet its commitments. 45 to less than 50 BB+ b45 D+
BB 40 to less than 45 BB b40
BB- 35 to less than 40 BB- b35 D
B+ Highly Speculative A cryptoasset is MORE VULNERABLE than the assets rated 'BB', but the cryptoasset currently has the capacity to meet its commitments. Adverse business, financial, or economic conditions will likely impair the asset's capacity or willingness to meet its commitments. 30 to less than 35 B+ b30
B 25 to less than 30 B b25 D-
B- 20 to less than 25 B- b20
CCC Extremely speculative A cryptoasset is CURRENTLY VULNERABLE, and is dependent upon favourable business, financial, and economic conditions to remain valuable. 15 to less than 20 CCC b15 E+
CC A cryptoasset is CURRENTLY HIGHLY-VULNERABLE. 10 to less than 15 CC b10 E
C The cryptoasset is CURRENTLY HIGHLY-VULNERABLE to become worthless. 5 to less than 10 C b5 E-
D In default A cryptoasset has lost all of ist value and is considered to have failed. 0 to less than 5 D b0 F
n.r. Not rated No rating has been requested, or there is insufficient information on which to base a rating. Not applicable
r.w. Rating withdrawn The crypto rating was withdrawn. Not applicable

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