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SchoolsUniversity Of Erlangen-Nuremberg
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posted 2462 days ago

Hi Yoshi. Thanks for your answer! I can speak german quite well but writting is a bit more difficult (I'm french). But german will be fine for me for a skype session! Regarding the CWI, I would say: focus on your exams first! I wish you much success with them. Whenever you will have time, I think it would be excellent if you could talk about the CWI with students and professors of the erlangen-nuremberg university, and see if you could federate people around the Wikirating concept and, why not, create and lead a working group for the development of a CWI. I think that it could be of much interest for a worgroup project or a diplomarbeit. Cheers Erwan

posted 2503 days ago


We want to thank you very much for your interest! Please feel free, to participate at Wikirating. Here you have the most important links:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions!