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This area is intended to be the container for all used data/documents (checked and approved under the aspect of reliability) on Wikirating. It concerns textual reports, direct (raw) data, as well as derived (computed) data files in a common and convenient format for computing:

General Sources

Sources in alphabetcial order:

Papers and Publications

Specific Sources

Derived Sources: Computed results from the Wikirating community

Ratings of S&P, Moody's, Fitch, Dagong and Wikirating (SWI and poll method) - visualized with a spiderplot diagram (Example here: Poland)

  • Currency siblings Data plots for finding similar-trend currencies using correlation analysis.

How-to: Statistical methodologies, numerical methods

  • Wikipedia - Combined ranking: How to merge several ranked lists into a single combined (compound) ranking
  • Wikipedia - Cross validation: How to perform multiple tests for cross validating - e.g., for random selection of polling data and subsequent k-fold evaluation
  • Wikipedia - Outlier detection: How to detect outliers, overview of outlier phenomena.